Diese Website ist eine rein Private von Yichen Lu!Ich wünsche viel Spaß beim Besuchen der Seiten !This site is a purely private by Yichen Lu! I am a boy, studying in Germany. So far I have a smooth life of the university. Of course I have some very good friends in Germany. I can be very good Chinese, kantoniesisch, German and some English. would like to know more? contact me!I lived in China for 16 years, Then I went to Germany to study. I love my country very much. China is a very great country.LuluWeb has many versions. But never have English version. I hope that through this website, you can contact me better.LuLuWeb!-luluw.com噜噜网-luluw.cn-WebofYichenLu,DieWebvonYichenLu.此网站为YICHENLU的个人网站。联系Lu:lulu@luluw.cn.